New companies added

September 28, 2006

Hi! We are working on adding new companies and more departments. Here’s an update:

1. T-Mobile (new departments):
Customer Sales
Business Sales
Tech Support

2. Comcast (customer service for all of their services are available under one phone number):
Customer Service

3. Washington Mutual (new departments):
Home Loan Applications
Home Loan Customer Service
Home Equity Products
Corporate Switchboard
Consumer Loan Applications
Consumer Loan Customer Service
Financial Services
Insurance Services

3. Discover Card (new departments):
Discover Card – Customer Service
Discover Business Card – Customer Service

4. Verizon Wireless (new departments):
Customer Service
Consumer Sales
Business Sales

We have added two completely new companies:
Lasik Plus (LCA) and Pacific Gas and Electric Company.

The list expands everyday. If you have any suggestions (especially which companies should be added next), please send me an e-mail to marcin (at)

– Marcin


Bringo on TV

September 26, 2006

OK — I’m finally back and ready to post. To introduce myself, I’m Clement, one of the founders. It’s been a crazy month, with all the attention and traffic we’ve gotten, with almost no promotion of the site. A word of advice to intrepid entrepreneurs: never plan a wedding during your first year in business.

While the past month has been pretty crazy from a work and personal standpoint, it’s been a ton of fun — especially when things like having our website featured on TV happen. That’s right — Fox News Tampa Bay did a feature story on during their evening newscast. While none of us personally made an appearance, Bringo was on in a big way.

They tested us on US Air’s phone tree and compared us to dialing the phone tree manually. Bringo won, hands down — it took Bringo 23 seconds to call him back, vs. the 15 minutes they took up trying to navigate the phone tree manually. Not bad, huh?

I think the big benefit for me, apart from the time savings, is saving me from the frustration of having to try to figure out the system and how to get around it. I’d love to hear from anybody who has had similar experiences in working with phone trees or with Bringo — feel free to drop me a line at clement <at>, or add a comment to the blog.

I’m in the process of pulling together some of the many blog posts and articles we’ve had written about us — you’ll see them up here soon. Oh, we also put up our privacy policy last week — check it out here.

– Clement

Hi! My name is Marcin, and I’m working with Mark and Clement on much of the day-to-day maintenance of, including things like adding new companies, responding and troubleshooting issues that users report, etc.

A little background on me – I grew up in Poland, and am a big soccer fan (Red Devils fanatic), which means nothing to Mark (who doesn’t follow sports), and Clement (who is more of a baseball/American football type of guy).

Anyway, I’ll be posting here regularly with changes and improvements to the site, so definitely keep me busy (and add to my job security) by posting improvements you’d like to see, companies you’d like to see added, and general feedback about the site or the quality of my English (I am still improving). You can post in the comments below, or e-mail me directly at

OK – now for the changes we’ve made in the past week or so:

We have added following new records based on popular demand:

1. Capital One – a few users complained of being connected to the wrong department, so we broke out the different departments into separate categories for your convenience:
Credit Cards
Checking, Savings and Direct Banking
Home Loans
Healthcare Finance
Auto Insurance
Accidental Death Insurance, Monumental Life
Accident Insurance (formerly J.C. Penney)
Personal Loans
Small Business Services and Investment



2. Dell – similar complaints, as Capital One, we broke out different departments:
Sales Support for Home & Home Office
Sales Support for Small Business
Sales Support for Medium & Large Business
Technical Support for Home & Home Office
Technical Support for Small Business
Technical Support for Medium & Large Business
Customer Service for Home & Home Office
Customer Service for Small Business
Customer Service for Medium & Large Business
Preferred Account
Business Credit Account


3. Sprint – again, broke out into different departments:
Personal Wireless Customer Support
Sprint Nextel Customer Support
Long Distance Customer Service
Phone Sales

We also added the following new vendors:

EMBARQ (Sprint Local)

Charter Communications


The list expands every day and we will track progress on our blog. Feel free to test new records and send us feedback. Also if you have any suggestions, which companies should appear on the site next, send e-mails to

We have been getting lots of interesting inquiries about our software, our business, our philosophy on life…but alas, given my recent engagement and Clement’s recent wedding…no personal inquiries anymore. Perhaps we should redirect those to our excellent and still available Marcin Musiolik. 25, boyish good-looks, tech-savvy (but no pocket protectors), and European to boot. Okay, we’ll blog on his dating prospects another day.

First of all, keep those inquiries coming. Personally, I’m surprised and pleased to see some very serious people contacting us and asking how they can help. Clearly using Internet and telephone technology to help consumers find things they want faster and easier….resonates with people. As I have mentioned before, that’s how we will be using our technology and is just the first incarnation.

And today I received an e-mail which we loved. Roger from Dell called us and wanted to find out what the heck we were all about. He politely said, “When went live, we saw some disruption in our incoming call center traffic.” I muted the phone as my chuckling wasn’t so polite, but that was indeed the point. Disrupt obnoxious phone trees. Insert picture of Mark and Clement with a big mission accomplished backdrop 🙂 (Of course, we know that the hard work is still yet to come, but we’ll take the small victories for now)

To Dell’s credit, Roger went on to ask us if we had any good ideas about how Dell might partner with us to help consumers get connected with Dell representatives faster, and of course we proposed some good solutions…that they are chewing on. So we’ll let you know if Dell goes the extra mile to help us help you even more than we do today. Come on Dell…we know you can do it. I am typing this on my Dell lap-top right now…for what it’s worth.

My personal favorite suggestion came from Marvin….otherwise known as Marvin or Phil or whoever said…

“I just wanted to say THANK YOU for the information you provided! Is there one possible opportunity? Can I type a number to a phone system to apply a rope to the neck of the manager or technician who supplied or ordered the phone system most companies force me to listen to?”

Marvin/Phil…we are peaceful people but I feel your pain man.

Okay, back to work. You will be hearing from Marcin about all the updates, improvements, additional departments and other wonderful changes he is making everyday. Thanks for the continued feedback and usage. We hope you’re having as much fun as we are….


Our first post :)

September 12, 2006

Oh, where to begin? I should have started our blog earlier, but there is no time like the present. Okay, welcome to the present. We launched the beta version of the web-site early in September and have been pleasantly overwhelmed with positive feedback and support.

The story of is a simple one. We are committed to launching technology products that help consumers get what they want easier, faster and better by combining the power of web searches and telephony. We have several commercial projects in the works (watch this space) but in the meantime we figured we would help consumers (and ourselves) avoid annoying phone trees while testing our technology. The good news is…it works.

I also want to address a few common misconceptions.

Misconception #1 – Our service skips you through the phone tree so that you are in queue for a human being, but we can not control how quickly the corporations of the world actually pick up their phones. We take the hassle out of navigating the phone tree, but there is no silver bullet for fixing some companies poor customer service and long wait times once you get in the queue. Over time, we will keep building up our feedback and reviews so you have a good sense.

Misconception #2 – Sometimes (but not often enough), companies have no wait to talk with a customer service representative. This means that in some rare instances, by the time we call you back to connect you, the customer service person has already answered their phone and hung up. When we find companies consistently quick with their pick-ups, we will gladly take them off our list (and send them a thank you note).

Okay, now our blog has begun and we look forward to continuing our dialogue with the universe as BRINGO will continue to use our revolutionary technology to help improve your search experience for lots of things. Watch this space…