Another Day…Another Call from Dell…?

September 20, 2006

We have been getting lots of interesting inquiries about our software, our business, our philosophy on life…but alas, given my recent engagement and Clement’s recent wedding…no personal inquiries anymore. Perhaps we should redirect those to our excellent and still available Marcin Musiolik. 25, boyish good-looks, tech-savvy (but no pocket protectors), and European to boot. Okay, we’ll blog on his dating prospects another day.

First of all, keep those inquiries coming. Personally, I’m surprised and pleased to see some very serious people contacting us and asking how they can help. Clearly using Internet and telephone technology to help consumers find things they want faster and easier….resonates with people. As I have mentioned before, that’s how we will be using our technology and is just the first incarnation.

And today I received an e-mail which we loved. Roger from Dell called us and wanted to find out what the heck we were all about. He politely said, “When went live, we saw some disruption in our incoming call center traffic.” I muted the phone as my chuckling wasn’t so polite, but that was indeed the point. Disrupt obnoxious phone trees. Insert picture of Mark and Clement with a big mission accomplished backdrop 🙂 (Of course, we know that the hard work is still yet to come, but we’ll take the small victories for now)

To Dell’s credit, Roger went on to ask us if we had any good ideas about how Dell might partner with us to help consumers get connected with Dell representatives faster, and of course we proposed some good solutions…that they are chewing on. So we’ll let you know if Dell goes the extra mile to help us help you even more than we do today. Come on Dell…we know you can do it. I am typing this on my Dell lap-top right now…for what it’s worth.

My personal favorite suggestion came from Marvin….otherwise known as Marvin or Phil or whoever said…

“I just wanted to say THANK YOU for the information you provided! Is there one possible opportunity? Can I type a number to a phone system to apply a rope to the neck of the manager or technician who supplied or ordered the phone system most companies force me to listen to?”

Marvin/Phil…we are peaceful people but I feel your pain man.

Okay, back to work. You will be hearing from Marcin about all the updates, improvements, additional departments and other wonderful changes he is making everyday. Thanks for the continued feedback and usage. We hope you’re having as much fun as we are….



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