Bringo on TV

September 26, 2006

OK — I’m finally back and ready to post. To introduce myself, I’m Clement, one of the founders. It’s been a crazy month, with all the attention and traffic we’ve gotten, with almost no promotion of the site. A word of advice to intrepid entrepreneurs: never plan a wedding during your first year in business.

While the past month has been pretty crazy from a work and personal standpoint, it’s been a ton of fun — especially when things like having our website featured on TV happen. That’s right — Fox News Tampa Bay did a feature story on during their evening newscast. While none of us personally made an appearance, Bringo was on in a big way.

They tested us on US Air’s phone tree and compared us to dialing the phone tree manually. Bringo won, hands down — it took Bringo 23 seconds to call him back, vs. the 15 minutes they took up trying to navigate the phone tree manually. Not bad, huh?

I think the big benefit for me, apart from the time savings, is saving me from the frustration of having to try to figure out the system and how to get around it. I’d love to hear from anybody who has had similar experiences in working with phone trees or with Bringo — feel free to drop me a line at clement <at>, or add a comment to the blog.

I’m in the process of pulling together some of the many blog posts and articles we’ve had written about us — you’ll see them up here soon. Oh, we also put up our privacy policy last week — check it out here.

– Clement


One Response to “Bringo on TV”

  1. Rahul Says:

    Clement – first of all – Congratulations on the wedding! Also very cool to see the impressive list of companies on Nophonetrees. Here’s a requirement to consider – and you will know what I mean if you dial 1-800-555-1212. It has speech recognition powered by TellMe, and it frustrates me to no end because it just cannot understand what I say, may be its my accent but I am sure I am not alone. Find a way to cut through that crap. So like a good PM I’ll just state the problem and won’t tell you how to solve it ;-).

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