The Heat of Winter

October 24, 2006

Well, I hate to keep the blog quiet but we are marching forward with an early 2007 launch and several key partnership discussions that absorb lots of our time but do not result in quick updates on the website. However, as you have seen, Marcin keeps plugging away day-by-day responding to user suggestions by creating more departments for various companies, and fixing companies that may have changed their IVR’s in response to us. We think we even had our first corporation try and block our incoming phone calls, but….let’s just say we rose to the occasion and it works again. I’m amazed and amused at how the wonders of modern technology can help us minimize the hassles of ….you guessed it…. modern technology.

More importantly (to me but not to you), I have given my fiance her engagement ring and can now safely forget all the scintillating irrelevancies of diamond quality, shape, clarity, size…Whew. I would much rather spend my time planning our next launch for early in 2007, trying to keep pace with the great ideas you are sending us, and further develop our partnership opportunities and health care focus. Oops, there’s at least one hint as to what direction we are headed. In the words of my wonderful nephew Mayer, there’s a blues clue. If only we could build a technology site that would save parents from the nuisance of having to watch the same TV shows day-in and day-out…wow, that would be progress. In the meantime, we will humbly toil away at helping you avoid annoying phone trees, and preparing to help you “make the right connections” with our network of quality healthcare professionals.

As always, thank you kindly Pivotal. Pivotal is our San Francisco based software partners that have spoiled us consistently with top-quality work. We’ll put more about them on our website soon, as we are finalizing a closer partnership with them…but in the meantime…keep it coming. You know what they say…once you go Pivotal, you won’t go back. Wait, is that what they say?


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