November 29, 2006

Please find below a list of companies that have been added to nophonetrees.com this week:

1. Dental Town Magazine.
2. Ascend Media – Subscription / Circulation Staff.
3. Advanstar Dental Media.
4. Dentistry Today.
5. Montage Media.
6. The Profitable Dentist.
7. Academy of General Dentistry.
8. Academy of Laser Dentistry.
9. Alpha Omega International Dental Fraternity.
10. American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry.
11. American Academy of Esthetic Dentistry.
12. American Academy of Gnathologic Orthopedics.

Feel free to test these vendors and give me a feedback to marcin (at) bringo.com.


This week we have added more companies (these are all related to the dental industry). Please find the list below and feel free to test it.

1. Stylecraft Interiors.
3. American Dental Association (ADA) News.
4. The Journal of the American Dental Association (JADA).
5. PennWell – Subscriber Customer Service.

More dental companies

November 17, 2006

We are expanding the list of dental equipment providers and I thought that I will let you know about the progress. Here are the companies added within last two days:

1. Engle Dental Systems:
Customer Service

Tech Support

2. KaVo America – Customer Service.

3. SolmeteX.

4. Pearson Dental Supplies.

5. Planmeca USA.

6. Practicon Dental.

7. Stradis Healthcare:
Dental Sales
Customer Service

8. Royal Dental Group:


You might have a question why are we adding so many dental companies recently. Well, I can’t reveal the details yet, but we are working on introducing new service based on the technology that we have created. If you keep visiting our blog you will find information about it soon!


November 15, 2006

Here is a list of new companies that we added to NoPhoneTrees.com within last few days. Currently we are working on adding companies within healthcare industry with specific focus on companies connected to dental industry. Here is a list of new vendors:

1. The First Rehabilitation Life Insurance:
Customer Service

Sales & Underwriting

2. Principal Financial Group:
Customer Service

3. United Concordia:
Customer Service

National DHMO

Dental Electronic Services

4. Aseptico.

5. Biolase Technology:
Technical Support

Sales Support

6. Deldent.

7. Part Warehouse (DentalParts.com).

8. Eastflex.

We are also working on all problems that users have reported with how vendors work. Recently we fixed AT&T, which didn’t work for a little while, as the company introduced some changes in its call center flow. Feel free to test any vendor on our page and send us feedback (marcin at bringo.com).

It’s high time we write an update on improvements. Since last time we have added the following companies (based on the number of requests we’ve gotten from you, this should be just what many of you are looking for):
1. Guardian:
Life and Disability
Insurance and Annuity
Employee Retirement Plan

2. MetLife.

3. Delta Dental:
For Dentists
For Consumers
4. Humana:
Commercial Members
All Medicare Claims

5. Performax.

6. Ameritas Life Insurance.

7. Acacia Life Insurance.

8. Blue Cross Blue Shield:
Individual and Family Plans
HMO Hotline

9. CompBenefits.

10. US Financial Life Insurance.

If you have any questions or recommendations which companies should appear in our database, please contact me at marcin (at) bringo.com.