Matchmaker, Matchmaker, make me a (dental) match…

March 30, 2007

BRINGOdentist has gone from a good idea, to a successful (but still young) match-making service. We have started driving more consumer traffic into our Chicago area dentists, and have already gotten great traction in several parts of the city. Several dental offices have had appointments made, even more have had attempted calls, and we are getting great feedback from our consumers as well.

Like anything new, somethings are harder than we expected and somethings easier. Getting licenses and the other stuff from our partner dentists is often slow. But, once the office gets committed to trying out BRINGO, we have had a great time training local dental offices and getting to know the people who make the offices run (the office managers and receptionists). Of course, we enjoy nothing more than following back up with an office that has had a “connect” to get feedback, and find out what happened. We appreciate our dentist partners and are committed to making ongoing improvements based on your feedback.

Over the coming 6 months we will continue to slowly increase the volume of traffic we are creating for our partner dentists to make sure it’s “the right kind of traffic,” but there’s nothing more exciting for us than watching the match-making in action. Of course, it’s still up to the dental office to turn a prospective patient into a new patient (we can connect you, but we can’t work that final magic like you can)….but practice breeds success.

I’m pleased to report, my very own Dr. Tedford has even signed up….so things better go well or I won’t be laughing the next time he gives me the laughing gas.

I’ll leave this is a standing question…but please dentists and dental offices continue to give us feedback about how the platform is working and can be improved…we are often calling you, but feel free to leave comments below on your own real-life experiences.

For those of you also in Chicago, spring is definitely (and finally) in the air…




One Response to “Matchmaker, Matchmaker, make me a (dental) match…”

  1. Geneva Dental Implant Says:

    Its a great news to have some dental matchmaker today. it helps the dental patients to find the right dentist for them.

    DR. Timothy Driscoll, DDS
    Geneva Dentist

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