Welcome TechCrunch readers and ABC-7 viewers

May 16, 2007

Thanks to some complementary coverage from TechCrunch and from ABC-7 news in Los Angeles, we’re getting a (more than slight) bump in traffic the past day or so on our customer service phone site: nophonetrees.com.

We’re getting some great feedback from users, both through the feedback forms on our site, the contact us, form, as well as in the comments on this blog (I think my personal favorite is the Poem someone wrote about BRINGO in the comments on Techcrunch:

Just when I’ve become
Madder than a dingo
Along comes relief
In the form of Bringo

No more hold tape
Of elevator retreads
Why wait 30 mins
Before discussing my meds

No, I do not work there
Not pimpin my VC dime
I sing the song of Bringo
Because it gives me back my time.

Thanks, DotPoet — I don’t think I could have ever hope to say it better than that.

We’re doing our best to respond to everyone and also incorporate the tons of constructive comments we’ve gotten to improve the site.

Keep it coming — we read everything you post to us, and are already working on incorporating some of the specific comments we’ve received!


One Response to “Welcome TechCrunch readers and ABC-7 viewers”

  1. Cvos SEO Says:

    Please add http://www.cj.com to this list. I think their phonetree is in a permanent loop.

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