More TV Coverage for BRINGO

June 7, 2007

Looks like we’ve been on TV– Here’s a video clip that was shown on NBC Action News in Kansas City. From what we can tell, we were also on in Sacramento, Seattle, Memphis, Portland, Paducah, and Fargo!  Probably a bunch we’re missing based on our traffic today, but we love the attention!  Hope you enjoy the site.


3 Responses to “More TV Coverage for BRINGO”

  1. Andrew C Says:

    Just saw you mentioned on NBC’s weekend Today Show. This looks like a neat service. I’ll have to try it sometime. (Too bad it doesn’t work with pharmacy help desk numbers that I call 50 billion times a day.)

    -Andrew, CPhT

  2. Hal Verona Says:

    You’ve been on ABC News4 in Charleston, SC June 8, too.

    At your Bringo! website I could not determine how to access your health care matchmaking process. Please clarify.

  3. x Says:

    i saw a syndicated broadcast in bakersfield, ca

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