Google Mimics BRINGO

January 12, 2008

A friend passed this on to me — apparently Google is starting to test out a service that mimics our NoPhoneTrees service. See text from an e-mail sent out to their premium advertisers:

“We’re testing a new support option that allows you to contact an AdWords Specialist by phone with just the click of a button. We pay for the call and we even do the dialing — all you need to do is pick up the phone and talk.

Try it out by visiting our Help Center via the ‘Contact Us’ link within your account. After clicking ‘Contact Us,’ follow the prompts to identify your concern. You’ll then be offered the option to speak directly to an AdWords Specialist by entering your contact phone number and clicking ‘Call.’ When your phone rings, answer it; you’ll hear ringing on the line as we connect you directly to our AdWords support team.”

Bravo, Google — if more companies would implement this type of interface, it would eliminate the need for services like  I haven’t seen it in action, but if it works as subscribed, it would seem to save a lot of hassle and frustration for users who have access to the system.

Of course, Google seems only to be making this available to premium customers, as opposed to the general public — all the rest of us can use BRINGO to reach Google AdWords Support.



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