Terry Cullen of the Wall Street Journal posted a great article today about how to get what you want from customer service.

Better yet, it mentioned NoPhoneTrees.com as a great way to get to a human rep on the phone!


Welcome Yahoo Readers

February 15, 2008

Looks like we made the front page of Yahoo again:


Welcome to those folks who are seeing our site for the first time (and also our loyal returning visitors). We’ve been getting a bunch of new traffic along with a ton of great feedback from folks who are using the site. Despite what the article says, we have been and continue to constantly update existing phone trees scripts and add new ones to make sure that it’s as easy as possible for you to bypass the phone trees and reach a live operator at hundreds of companies.

For those who are new to the site, you can view a complete list of company categories and view a complete list of companies that you can contact through Bringo. Our most popular categorie include auto insurance, airlines, mortgages, and health insurance plans.

Keep the feedback coming — it’s our best way of knowing which companies to add, and when we need to update a listing to keep it top working condition!