Happy Holidays

December 24, 2007

It’s been an interesting month for us as we approach end of year — we were featured on a nationally syndicated radio program, as well as on Fox news television affiliates across the country.  This in addition to ramping up our BringoDentist and related products has made it a very busy month to cap off a great year.

Happy holidays to all our users, customers, partners from the Bringo team — thanks for your continued support.  We’re looking forward to great things in 2008.


BRINGO on the radio

December 4, 2007

Tonight we’ll be featured live on Craig Crossman’s syndicated Computer America radio show (some of you may have seen his article on us published in the San Jose Mercury News, Siliconvalley.com,  or the Seattle Times.  From what I understand they will open the show up to questions from listeners as well as from the show’s host.  So if you have a few minutes and a question to ask, drop by!

Happy Thanksgiving

November 21, 2007

Just a quick note as we prepare to head off for Thanksgiving.

It’s a busy time of year as people head off to see family and friends for the holiday, and kick off the holiday shopping season (not to mention year-end crunches at work and school). This time of year has traditionally been busy at BRINGO too — our healthcare businesses are really starting to gain traction, and our nophonetrees.com site has seen good bumps in traffic at this time of year as people use it to save time and hassle in their dealings with airlines, merchants, etc.

So a quick note of thanks to our customers, partners, and users — have a great holiday weekend, and travel safe!

NoPhoneTrees in media

July 16, 2007

Within last few weeks we have received a lot of coverage in the press, on the TV and on the Internet. We’ve decided to summarize all of them, so you could learn more about us:

Bringo: Phone Tree Killer. This is a Genuinely Useful Service – TechCrunch
Phone Frustration With Customer Service Lines – KABC-TV
Web Site Cuts Down Phone Trees – Click2Houston.com
15 Free Useful Services To Access From Your Phone – MakeUseOf.com
Bringo Makes Customer Service Calls Easier – DownloadSquad.com
Cell Phone Secrets – NBC 12 (FirstCoastNews.com)
Rage Against The Machine – BoJack.org
Get Straight To An Operator With Bringo – AppScout.com
NoPhoneTrees.com – No More Waiting On Hold – TechDeals.net
Bringo – at last, and end to nightmare corporate phone trees – The Red Ferret Journal
Get a Human On the Line – Wall Street Journal
NoPhoneTrees.com’s Got Your Number – Advertising Age (Out of Site Blog)

Looks like we’ve been on TV– Here’s a video clip that was shown on NBC Action News in Kansas City. From what we can tell, we were also on in Sacramento, Seattle, Memphis, Portland, Paducah, and Fargo!  Probably a bunch we’re missing based on our traffic today, but we love the attention!  Hope you enjoy the site.

Changes on the website

December 21, 2006

At NoPhoneTrees.com, we are constantly adjusting to changing phone trees, with the help of feedback from our users.  Based on alert users who have informed us of changes in the phone trees, we’ve updated the following phone trees records (check them out):

Adelphia Cable
Sprint Personal Wireless Customer Support
Bank of America – Customer Service (California)
Sprint Nextel – Customer Support

We’ve also had a number of users over the past few days notice that United Airlines has been very spotty as far as being able to reach a human. With the weather in Denver and the holiday travel season, their call center has been overwhelmed — seems like nobody is getting through to a human without significant patience and waiting.  Unfortunately we cannot do anything to help them with the technology and staffing problems they are having. We’ll keep you updated as things calm down — hopefully things will return to normal, and of course we’ll make any adjustments to our scripts as necessary.

Thanks to everyone for the great feedback that helps to keep us current, and happy holidays to all.

New companies added

September 28, 2006

Hi! We are working on adding new companies and more departments. Here’s an update:

1. T-Mobile (new departments):
Customer Sales
Business Sales
Tech Support

2. Comcast (customer service for all of their services are available under one phone number):
Customer Service

3. Washington Mutual (new departments):
Home Loan Applications
Home Loan Customer Service
Home Equity Products
Corporate Switchboard
Consumer Loan Applications
Consumer Loan Customer Service
Financial Services
Insurance Services

3. Discover Card (new departments):
Discover Card – Customer Service
Discover Business Card – Customer Service

4. Verizon Wireless (new departments):
Customer Service
Consumer Sales
Business Sales

We have added two completely new companies:
Lasik Plus (LCA) and Pacific Gas and Electric Company.

The list expands everyday. If you have any suggestions (especially which companies should be added next), please send me an e-mail to marcin (at) bringo.com.

– Marcin