Cool Site of the Day

March 24, 2008

Wow — busy week, as nophonetrees was chosen by Kim Komando as the cool site of the week, and were also on several local TV outlets, including South Florida’s NBC affiliate.

We’re getting a ton of great feedback from all the new (and returning) users — keep it coming, as that’s how we keep our phone trees up to date and continue to improve the site!


Terry Cullen of the Wall Street Journal posted a great article today about how to get what you want from customer service.

Better yet, it mentioned as a great way to get to a human rep on the phone!

Welcome Yahoo Readers

February 15, 2008

Looks like we made the front page of Yahoo again:

Welcome to those folks who are seeing our site for the first time (and also our loyal returning visitors). We’ve been getting a bunch of new traffic along with a ton of great feedback from folks who are using the site. Despite what the article says, we have been and continue to constantly update existing phone trees scripts and add new ones to make sure that it’s as easy as possible for you to bypass the phone trees and reach a live operator at hundreds of companies.

For those who are new to the site, you can view a complete list of company categories and view a complete list of companies that you can contact through Bringo. Our most popular categorie include auto insurance, airlines, mortgages, and health insurance plans.

Keep the feedback coming — it’s our best way of knowing which companies to add, and when we need to update a listing to keep it top working condition!

Happy Holidays

December 24, 2007

It’s been an interesting month for us as we approach end of year — we were featured on a nationally syndicated radio program, as well as on Fox news television affiliates across the country.  This in addition to ramping up our BringoDentist and related products has made it a very busy month to cap off a great year.

Happy holidays to all our users, customers, partners from the Bringo team — thanks for your continued support.  We’re looking forward to great things in 2008.

BRINGO on the radio

December 4, 2007

Tonight we’ll be featured live on Craig Crossman’s syndicated Computer America radio show (some of you may have seen his article on us published in the San Jose Mercury News,,  or the Seattle Times.  From what I understand they will open the show up to questions from listeners as well as from the show’s host.  So if you have a few minutes and a question to ask, drop by!


August 20, 2007

Some more local news coverage on BRINGO. Last week was featured on KCWE-TV and KMBC-TV in Kansas City/Nebraska areas, and also on WCNC TV (NBC) in the Carolinas, and WISN-TV Milwaukee (ABC).

NoPhoneTrees in media

July 16, 2007

Within last few weeks we have received a lot of coverage in the press, on the TV and on the Internet. We’ve decided to summarize all of them, so you could learn more about us:

Bringo: Phone Tree Killer. This is a Genuinely Useful Service – TechCrunch
Phone Frustration With Customer Service Lines – KABC-TV
Web Site Cuts Down Phone Trees –
15 Free Useful Services To Access From Your Phone –
Bringo Makes Customer Service Calls Easier –
Cell Phone Secrets – NBC 12 (
Rage Against The Machine –
Get Straight To An Operator With Bringo – – No More Waiting On Hold –
Bringo – at last, and end to nightmare corporate phone trees – The Red Ferret Journal
Get a Human On the Line – Wall Street Journal’s Got Your Number – Advertising Age (Out of Site Blog)